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Be one of the first people in history to understand your own immune system. How healthy it is and what you can do to make it better.

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Your immune system is incredible. It defends you against bacteria, viruses and even cancer

It is involved in almost all aspects of your health. With IMU, you can get to know your immune system better

We measure all the immune cells in your blood; how many, how active and even how exhausted they are.

With this complex data, we derive your immune age, a measure of how well your immune system is functioning

Your immune system is Incredible. It deserves your attention.

It is made up of billions of cells, constantly working together to identify and eliminate infection, disease and even cancer.

IMU will help you discover its superpowers and identify ways to look after it so it can look after you.

Join our mission and discover life-changing insights from the beautiful complexity within you.

How it works

We take a sample of your blood and produce 20 million measurements from the cells that make up your immune system.
We determine cell numbers, activation status and the readiness of these cells to respond; providing an overview of the makeup and status of your immune system.
We generate an accurate picture of your immune fitness along with actionable, personalised insights that can help you optimise your immune system.
You become part of the IMU community where you will continue to receive insight about your immune health, what people like you are doing to improve their health outcomes and how the community is powering new scientific discoveries.

Become one of the first in history to understand your immune system.

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